Who is Andrew Tate 

Andrew tate is Social media influencer and former Professional kickboxer

Why he's Trend

He is British American Man & Facebook and Instagram account suspended & He is influencer also

Andrew tate also banned in twitter 

He stated on Twitter in 2017 that women belong in the home and that rape victims “bear responsibility” for their attack, after which Twitter permanently banned

Andrew Tate banned in Meta

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Andrew Tate controversy Make famous

Andrew Tate influencer

Recordings utilizing hashtags connected with Tate have been seen more than 12.7bn times. The UK support bunch Hope Not Hate considered Tate a "perilous sexist"

He is former Tv Star and kick Boxer

What's next Andrew tate plateform for content

It's know for Realistic Statement

What is his Current Controversial statement

Andrew Tate Ban in Facebook & insta

The self-described sexist was removed for violating Meta’s policies on ‘dangerous organizations and individuals